Can a bad egr valve cause a lean condition

I had my EGR cooler pop, causing a severe coolant leak and required replacement ASAP! Now I'm wondering whether or not disconnecting the electrical plug from the EGR solenoid will hurt anything? So the very conditions that lead to cooler failure remain in place. The valve only serves to allow the driver's side EGR valve is stuck closed, stuck fast. it is inoperative even with vacuum run directly to it. the passenger EGR valve, is partial stuck open. how I know, is the vacuum reading for bank 2, the bank it feeds, is lower than bank 1. the EGR valve is acting like a constant big vacuum leak, with the vacuum hose disconnected frpm the EGR valve. The EGR valve recirculates a small amount of exhaust into the combustion cycle. Whether mechanical or electronic, EGR valves open and close to control the gas flow. This is not always a bad idea, but a replacement, along with replacing your oxygen sensors, is always a good idea.The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, or more commonly known as the EGR valve, controls the engines emission of nitrous oxidize or Nox. This causes a high temperature in the combustion chamber due to the absent exhaust gas cooling effects, the production of the nitrogen compounds...A non functioning or clogged EGR can lower gas mileage, raise under hood temperatures and cause you to lose horsepower as well. Generally on vehicles with over 100,000 miles on them the EGR may either have a clogged or hard to actuate valve that is filled with carbon deposits from years of hot carbon sooty exhaust gas contacting the valve.

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Re: Re: Valve Cover Gasket Causing Lean Running - P0174 & P0171 Fuel mileage is around 14. Was high 16 to 17 before the light came on. Like you said, though, the ecm is compensating for what the car believes is a lean condition. It did start to get cold right around that time, now that I think about it. Sent from Free App[/color]

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Common conditions such as fouled spark plugs, bad plug wires, a weak ignition coil, a leaky EGR valve, vacuum leaks, low compression, dirty injectors, low fuel pressure or even low charging voltage can all cause driveability symptoms that may be blamed on a bad sensor. Use the repair manual to check the wiring and the sensors, and actuators (like the idle air control valve, and the egr valve). Use a digital, high impedance, multimeter to do the ohm and voltage checks (Walmart: $25).

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves cause more than their fair share of problems. Problems with the EGR system, like so many vehicle problems, are often caused by a lack of maintenance: diesel owners typically expect high mileages and low maintenance bills. if you have those codes p0171 is bank 1 lean (inlines only have 1 bank) and p0101 is maf sensor failure, cleaning the maf rarely does anything when its actually throwing the code. you most likely need a maf sensor, but check the intake boot (tube the maf sits in and goes from filter box to engine) for rips or cracks, especially between the ribs ... The vehicle has failed its state tailpipe loaded emissions test. The EGR valve receives vacuum at the proper time during a road test. Manually opening the EGR valve at 2000 rpm causes the engine to run noticeably rough with no cylinder-specific misfires. An OBD II truck with MAF shows lambda at .96 at idle and 1.03 at cruise. Total fuel trim (LTFT

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